Rommie's Theme

Oxygen by Tonight Alive

Personal Information

Formal Name: Andromeda Laruzedah née Dulaque
Nicknames: Rommie
Occupation: Owner and Madame, Bandee Pakshee
Job Crystal: Thief and Spellblade
Age/Nameday: 27, 32nd Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Gender/Pronouns: Cis Woman, Her/Hers
Sexuality: Homoromantic Pansexual
Relationship Status: Married to Rheya Laruzedah

A Rat in the Castle

Born at Clearwater Lake and raised as a Brume orphan, Andromeda "Rommie" Dulaque became a master confidence artist and thief, taking what was precious from the wicked. She worked with a band of fellow orphans called the Brume Rats; heretical priest Gabriel Laincourt, his brother and team bruiser Hector, pickpocket Doyle Rochelleau and the band's de facto leader Pacifica "Pax" Roux. Rommie considers these four her real family.A chance at more, though, led her out of Ishgard and toward the career of a courtesan.At first a fledgling at the craft at the Keeper's Kiss, she quickly learned to apply the talents of a con artist to making clients happy and became the Kiss' Madame. Shortly thereafter, she was brought in to manage the courtesans of the Bandee Pakshee. Within moons, Rommie was named the new owner of the Pakshee when its founder retired.This came on the heels of Rommie's greatest loss. Andy, a purple-haired Hyur named after Rommie, became a sort of surrogate daughter for the former Brume Rat but died after only a few moons of being Rommie's daughter. Andy, being around eleven, had quickly taken a large role in Rommie's life only to leave a hole she could never quite repair.Along the way, Rommie's to play a lute and sing was discovered by ace talent scout and sewer obstruction Savo, who propelled the plumhead to stardom as both a gentle hand and commanding stage performer.Now successful, independently wealthy and married to her number-one fan Rheya Tayuun, Andromeda founded the Moonkeeper Clan Laruzedah -- literally Daughters of the Streets -- and brought the Pakshee into prominence both as the premiere venue of comforts of all sorts but also as one of Eorzea's top entertainment event planning agencies.Her guiding principles -- that everyone should pursue a life they can love and do work they can take pride in -- became values of the Pakshee. As such, the pillowhouse has been a tireless agitator to the Syndicate of Ul'dah, working with the Sultana herself to help protect sex workers and other marginalized women of Thanalan.After discovering the other world called Norvrandt courtesy of the odd chick Chocolina, Rommie spent several moons on the First trying to teach sex workers on Eulmore to defend themselves. She spent time treating these women as a 'intershardial franchise' of the Pakshee.Upon her return she assisted Pakshee management in relocating to Empyrean in Ishgard, to do for the people of Ishgard what Pakshee had done for Ul'dah and Norvrandt. But after that, she took a step back, letting her trained and capable staff manage things while she rested and relaxed for the first time in her life.Also, a Sylph turned her into a Miqo'te for a few years. Normal stuff. During that experience, she and her wife Rheya had a daughter together named Lehil.

Out of Character

Rommie is a fairly easy character to get involved with, especially for hire. Though her courtesany price is a whopping half-million gil per bell, she's also for hire as a singer and dancer as well as an event planner. And, of course, she's still a thief. She also operates the Bandee Pakshee as a strong Chaotic Good force in Hydaelyn, particularly where womens' issues are concerned. Some example hooks, therefore, would include

  • Looking to plan a celebration.

  • Counseling, particularly around matters of romance or desire.

  • The rescue of women in dire straits, particularly those being abused.

  • The theft of something valuable, particularly when owned by a cruel figure.

  • Anything to do with the Brume.

Rommie is available for roleplay of a wide variety of themes, but the player reserves the right to step back from any subject matter at her own discretion. That said, Rommie and her player are exceptionally adaptable and able to work within a wide variety of scenarios.

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